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vCIO Benefits

Executive Experience

A virtual CIO can provide the professional guidance and leadership needed to implement the appropriate technology strategies and processes to help your organization prosper. A vCIO delivers multiple years of  executive level experience across a variety of business sectors to your leadership team. 

A vCIO can also leverage their contacts and relationships to benefit your organization.

Whether you need guidance early in your business life-cycle or you need help as you look to scale your growing business to meet new demands, a vCIO will guide you in making the best technology decision for your company.

Manage Expenses

Recent studies show the average salary of a traditional CIO to be 157k to 162k.  Include the expense of benefits, social security, workers comp., etc. and your commitment is well over 200k per year. Contracting with vCIO Strategies allows you to manage these costs by providing on-demand, contract based service that is only paid for as it is used. Your dedicated vCIO is available as needed at a pre-negotiated rate.

Grow with Confidence

Confidence is a combination of information and experience. Our experienced technology professionals can provide the leadership and insight necessary to help you make sound business decisions based on your unique business situation and goals for the future.

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